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Spacious Expression

Services provided:

Web Design

Marketing Strategy

Spacious Expression is a self-empowerment coaching and community resource for sober and sober curious women. As the coaching business has been amping up, the owner felt that her current website did not match the trajectory of her business and was looking for a fresh solution where site visitors felt "hope and joy" and the power to access the resources and tools for change.


My intent with the new website was a visually appealing interface that was easy to navigate. Reorganizing and realigning the current site information was important in making sure that resources were easy to find. It was important to outline the coaching services and provide an understanding on expectations for a service that some people may want to explore without having to inquire with an actual person. Creating a comfortable space with reliable information was key for this transformation. 

I continue to work with Spacious Expression on their marketing strategy, including social tactics and messaging, email marketing, and more.

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