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Brenda's LLC

Services provided:

Graphic Design

Web Design

Strategy Development

Social Media Management

Brenda was relocating her business to Angola, IN which presented her with a prime opportunity for a rebrand and refresh. She wanted to stop providing nail services and focus solely on massage therapy. Her goal was to create a more accessible client experience and streamline her processes to ease the burden of administrative work. She did not yet have a digital footprint and wanted to utilize affordable options to give her business an online presence and grow her clientele in her new service area.


I guided her in transitioning to a digital platform that would allow her to schedule appointments online, send email and text reminders, collect credit card information at the time of scheduling, sell gift certificates, and more. I did a brand refresh, launched her Facebook page, and developed a basic website directly linked to her massage therapy software platform. I continue to manage her social media and online presence, update her website, and develop strategies for continued growth. 

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